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Our show for Tuesday September 27, 2016 LIVE from McGilvery's in Speedway, Indiana! The Show airs live starting at 7:00 p.m. ET. We are now streaming live video of our show on YouTube! If you're here Tuesday evening between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. ET, then you can click on the link below the screen on the Autosport Radio homepage or go to and put "autosportradioshow" in the search box and click. You will be able to see the program live beginning at 7pm ET. When the program is over it will appear on and home page within about one hour.
Our First Scheduled Guest

Tonight will be a look at the inaugural Red Bull Air Race...

This night the gift shop will be in house and have some special T-shirts for sale. This is your chance to let everyone know who you want to win Dancing With The Stars... James Hinchcliffe. You will be able to purchase a VOTE FOR HINCH  T-shirts to remind everyone to vote for the Mayor of Hinchtown in his quest to win the mirrored trophy.
You can use cash or credit card to purchase your shirt.
Scheduled ...
This weekend is a different event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway when the Red Bull Air Race comes to town. Though it is not the first airplane event, but it is the worldwide series of air racing inside the Indianapolis Speedway.
We will have guests who will give us all an insight as to what will happen and how the pilots fly the planes through and around the pylons. What needs to happen to win and how do you cut down your time at 230 mph in an airplane to take home the winners trophy.
See you Tuesday evening at McGilvery's Speedway...
Our Third Scheduled Guest
Our Second Scheduled Guest
Our Fourth Scheduled Guest
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