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Our First Scheduled Guest


Robert S. Clarke

Robert Stanley Clarke’s passion is motorsports. At age 10, Stan’s (as his parents called him) father took him to an SCCA club race to watch a friend race his Elva Formula Junior.  The experience was not as a spectator, but as a helper - polishing the car, checking tire pressures, etc. - and it gave Stan a view of racing from the inside, rather than the outside looking in.  The experience made him a “racer” for life.

Raised the son of a career Naval fighter aviator, Stan grew up with constant change, moving around the country, changing schools and friends.  His passion for motorcycles, cars and racing or anything with a motor on it led to a path of numerous go-karts, motorcycles (his first at age 13) and eventually to SCCA competition with a Merlyn MK14a Formula C.  The Formula C class was selected for its freedom of rules, the more popular Formula B class requiring use of a SCCA homologated engine.  Rather than use the popular 1,000 cc Cosworth SCA mated with a Hewland MK7 gearbox, Stan and his father elected to use a pair of Kawasaki 500cc 2-stroke engines which produced an estimated 30 more horse-power than the SCA and resulted in coming under the class minimum weight limit of 750 lbs.   The package was blindingly fast, when it ran! Cooling the center cylinder of the forward engine was a major challenge. Later, the twin Kawasakis were replaced with a Suzuki 850 water-cooled “water buffalo” engine that was very popular in the D Sports Racer class at the time.

Innovation was the driving force behind Robert’s (a more mature Stan) interest in motorsports, as it was in motorsports that the challenge of competition promoted the creation of new technologies and engineering solutions.  If anywhere, the future of the automobile could be seen in racing.

Upon receiving an education in architecture, art and industrial design, Robert taught architecture at Texas Tech.  His passion for motorcycles took him to Vetter Corp. where he was a designer, and after Vetter closed he started his own commercial art business - DesignArt.  As fate would have it, Robert was made aware of an employment opportunity at Honda, a company that he held in the highest regard for its reputation for innovation and racing passion.  He took the job which led to a 28-year career that took him from motorcycle accessory R&D to motorcycle product planning to Facilities (he oversaw the design of the new Torrance headquarters), to starting a new U.S. operation for Honda Access (Honda’s accessory R&D group) and ultimately to Honda Performance Development (HPD).

The opportunity to continue his career with Honda while also being involved in professional motorsports was an unbelievable dream come true.

Robert was the first and only HPD employee in 1993, when Honda’s CART racing program was launched.  From 1993 to his retirement from Honda in 2008, Robert led HPD as general manager and ultimately as president, to multiple manufacturer and driver championships, and from a engine rebuild facility to a world-class motorsport R&D operation capable of complete engine and chassis R&D and support.

Upon retiring from Honda, Robert and his wife, Ann, created Clarke-Works, Inc., a consulting company focused on the motorsports industry, working with drivers, team owners and race teams on a variety of projects.            

Our Third Scheduled Guest


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Our Second Scheduled Guest

Toni Meyer

  Toni is the Senior Event Director. Her responsibilities include overseeing the IPL 500 Festival Parade, 500 Festival Archives, and providing 500 Festival Foundation and Board support.

The 500 Festival, a not-for-profit volunteer organization, was created in 1957 to organize civic events celebrating the greatest race in the world. Over the past 57 years, the 500 Festival has grown to become one of the largest festivals in the nation. The mission of the 500 Festival is to produce life-enriching events and programs while celebrating the spirit and legacy of the Indianapolis 500® and fostering positive impact on the city of Indianapolis and state of Indiana.
Our Fourth Scheduled Guest


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